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The New Look at Stagestruck (Part Three)

It’s not all film directors here at Stagestruck. The summer refurb also features a brand-new window display for our reception area, itemising t

Stagestruck, Movie Auteur Style (Part Two)

More room theming. The picture above is the 3D Studio, rechristened the Hitchcock Room, captured during a frank but convivial exchange of

Stagestruck, Movie Auteur Style

We’re very familiar with theming here at Stagestruck. After all, we work with themes all the time for the events we produce. So when the time cam

The Finest Dining, Stagestruck Style!

We have a new canteen! It’s been a little while coming, but the infamous storage dungeon known as the Black Hole has been transformed into a brand

Lyn and Kelly, take 20…

The office came to a bit of a standstill today as the piano was wheeled in front of the Ops Board and Eddie Jenkins (The Streets and Lily Allen band

Our First Step Towards Global Football Domination!

Perhaps it’s not quite the Champion’s League, but being a football-obsessed company we’re thrilled to be sponsoring Windsor FC Youth, in

And Here’s One That Got Away…

Sometimes no amount of planning, design and physical work can guarantee the delivery of the event. We recently worked for several weeks with LOCOG to

The Barn Redevelopment Continues…

Once upon a time, according to several Hollywood movies viewed by your fearless correspondent, ‘Raising the Barn’ was a process that involved

Welcome the pigs

The diggers move back in at Stagestruck

Hoorah! The diggers are back on site laying the foundations for an extension to the set department AND to refurb some of our studio spaces. We’