A Spring of new faces

Kelly Jones joined our production team at the beginning of the year and brings some crucial experience to the team, she’s been artist liaison with big name bands, including the Prodigy, she’s a great stage and talent manager and she is extending her role to include show calling as well.  She has experience in all the softer event skills, including catering and FOH registration. Kelly produced the BP Beacon Awards at the start of the year and is now working with Mercer on their Autumn HR conference at Vinopolis.

Tom Cordory is a great new asset to the Stagestruck family.  He’s been with us since the start of February as a senior project manager.  Despite his youthfulness Tom has considerable event experience and a particular love of all things technical and theatrical.  He spent a number of years at Smyle Creative before joining Stagestruck and has worked in a variety of industry sectors from consumer goods to automotive, to financial services.  Tom has already produced and project managed a number of key events for Stagestruck including a major satellite event for Barclays and several customer events

Rebecca Wisden is a new face on the design team.  She’s working with Grant Ireland both on screen content design, slide programming and as a 2D designer.  Not long out of uni, Rebecca is keen and willing and has already completed a number of complex projects.

Harriet Diplock has joined Stagestruck on a fast track programme as a PA and Assistant Producer.  She is being mentored by Paul Finch and has already worked as his assistant on one of our bigger projects, the BP AGM, as a bit of a detail freak, that went rather well.  Harriet has experience in video production and has a degree in American Literature and Creative Writing.

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