Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Barn Redevelopment Continues…

Once upon a time, according to several Hollywood movies viewed by your fearless correspondent, ‘Raising the Barn’ was a process that involved

A Trip to the Globe

The theatre is always one of those extracurricular activities that I strive to do more of. I start each year with a list of productions I’m adamant

Welcome the pigs

The diggers move back in at Stagestruck

Hoorah! The diggers are back on site laying the foundations for an extension to the set department AND to refurb some of our studio spaces. We’

Villefranche Sur Mer

The Get In may be long, over a drawbridge and down into the depths of a slightly damp cave…..but with views like this from our hotel who’s

Yes I Know It’s October…

…but we’ve been busy, so we have. Once upon a time, summer was when the events industry kicked back and relaxed. Doesn’t seem to work like that